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Do you have complex offerings? Diverse market segments? Unique industry challenges? Whatever your B2B content or copy needs, count on Words in Effect to deliver bold, impactful messaging that serves stakeholder interests and advances your business objectives.

Client Testimonials

“Since we are heavily investing in marketing and living our motto, ‘Only the Best,’ this needed to breathe through our communication material. Becky helped us revamp our entire environmental division communication by rewriting all text for our catalog and website. Since then, Becky has worked on many other projects and we can say that she is part of the team and a great resource to us. She understands our business and how we want to communicate, she brings ideas to the table, and she operates quickly.”

Jean-Francois Dubois Marketing Director, Distribution Channels

“We love working with Becky. She produces great content, and it performs really well from both an inbound and outbound perspective. We use her eBooks and other assets to drive mid-funnel acceleration and top of funnel through SEO and paid, and our sales and customer service teams leverage Becky’s content directly with clients and prospects. Becky’s content has helped increase inbound lead flow and has had a measurable impact on our top line.”

Alex Vlasto VP Marketing